Primedia Broadcasting releases survey results on Government sentiment

According to an April survey conducted of Primedia Broadcasting radio listeners, the vast majority were satisfied that the Presidency and national government were effectively addressing the Covid-19 threat in South Africa.

However, while feeling that the stringency of the government response was necessary and appropriate, 75% of respondents were concerned about the impact of the lockdown on the economy, with fears surrounding job losses and retrenchments accounting for 73% of the respondents’ concerns. The survey also highlighted concerns around mental health, with 47% of respondents raising concerns about their own mental wellbeing in light of the ongoing social isolation and the escalating virus transmission numbers.

Listeners also indicated that they would like to hear more communication from the Government during this time. Across the three provinces, 78% of respondents requested that radio clips be played during the day that provide information about the types of services available to them – whether health, social or business support -through their respective municipalities. And, over a quarter of respondents say they tune in specifically for the news bulletins across Primedia Broadcasting’s radio stations.

Melissa McNally, Research Manager at Primedia Broadcasting, comments,“By interrogating our research on advertising and content consumption data, we have been able to develop key insights on citizen sentiment and behaviours. We hope that these insights will contribute, even in a small way, to informing the national initiative combatting corona virus transmission in South Africa.”

She continues, As we begin to ease lockdown and resume life under a ‘new normal’, solidarity and trust between citizens and government will need to be at an all-time high. A central component of this will be open and transparent communication between all stakeholders. Radio has been highlighted as a critical channel through which our leaders can reach our people.”

These findings were presented at a Primedia Broadcasting webinar last week.